In the year 1895, Seth Tulsidas then in his early twenties, started a firm in his own name -"TULSIDAS KHIMJI", with a table space in a reputed Bank. Slowly, the firm grew in strength and one after another various departments were formed. With the growth of business and the family, the firm became a partnership in which his sons, nephews and later, his grandsons joined as partners. The rapid growth of the firm necessitated the original firm to be converted into a Private Limited concern on 7 th December 1961.

Since early years "TK" used to handle not only the imports and exports of general cargo but also gold, silver and currency notes to and from various parts of the world by sea, land and air.

We may be rightly called one of the pioneers in air cargo as we were handling bullion as agents for Imperial Airways (British Airways) and KLM in the thirties from Bombay and Karachi. Soon after the end of the war, IATA started appointing agents for promoting passenger and cargo in India. We were appointed as IATA Approved Cargo Agents as early as 1949.

With the introduction of the "Ready for Carriage" resolution by IATA, cargo agents' gained prominence as their services were required both for sales as well as proper documentation and labelling of consignments. In order to fulfill the requirements of our customers, since 1975 we established branches in four regions of the country and the trend continues as per demand.

To meet the requirements of overseas forwarders from various countries, we started operating as Breakbulk agents in early 1960's for well - known consolidators both Sea & Air.

We are fully aware of our commitment to customers and the competitive conditions under which we are working. This enables us to serve as freight forwarders in the most professional manner. We are striving towards excellence in service and have not forgotten our original objective of deligence, honesty, integrity and sincerity of purpose which are the hallmarks of our century -old reliable organisation!