Aerospace industry requires partners who can be trusted and provide multiple shipment options worldwide for moving entire engines, landing gears, spare parts or any other component.
At TK, we take efforts to understand our customers’ requirements and to offer them customized solutions. We provide Export, Import and National Logistics services which are specially geared to meet the needs of the Aerospace industry. Our Global and National network ensures that our customers get excellent coverage of their entire supply chain.

Key Services

  • Supplier Management
  • Spare Parts Logistics
  • Incident Management Logistics
  • Production Logistics
  • In-flight Logistics
  • Engine Logistics

Art and valuables

We know the power and value of your prized shipments and understand that nothing short of spotless handling and respectful treatment is appropriate for the arts and valuable.
Making your shipments available at the destination on time and safely is our highest priority.
We believe in the philosophy “Your cargo our care”

Examples of shipments which require secured, skilled, spotless handling:

  • Gold, platinum group metals.
  • Legal banknotes, travellers’cheques, securities, share coupons, and stamps.
  • Jewellery, watches and articles made of silver, gold, platinum.
  • Precious works of arts and priceless collections.

Automotive logistics solutions

At Tulsidas Khimji Pvt. Ltd., we take efforts to understand our customers’ requirements and to offer them customized solutions. We provide Export, Import and National Logistics services which are specially geared to meet the needs of the automative industry. Our Global and National network ensures that our customers get excellent coverage of their entire supply chain.
With the flexibility to adapt our services and resources to the customers’ unique needs, TKPL gives customers a competitve edge over competitors. Due to our extensive experience and expertise, we can provide them defined shipping services which are also cost effective.

To offer customized solutions, we can :

  • Help our customers to race ahead of competition.
  • Provide Export, Import and National Logistics services by air, ocean, rail and road.
  • Ensure flexible and rapid implementation of specialized automotive services.
  • Ensure customers get excellent coverage of the entire supply chain.


There are many logistics service providers and most of them look alike. It is necessary to pick up the right company which suits your requirements, your business ethics and practices to avoid a “MISFIT”.

Our DGR / HAZ goods services:

  • Specialised and certified staff to ship dangerous, hazardous and temperature controlled goods (DGR Cargo, HAZ Cargo) by air & Sea.
  • Door to door delivery for all type cargo on request.
  • Relationship with major airlines & shipping lines.
  • Guidance on selection of carrier and optimum routing.

Value Added Services

  • Provide UN and 49 CFR certified packaging
  • Packaging at your premises on request.
  • Guidance on Hazardous declaration, marking and label distribution
  • Infectious substances shipping certification.
  • Specialised services for Radioactive material handling.
  • All certification complies with ICAO/49CFR/IMDG/IATA DGR.
  • Insulated packaging for Dry Ice shipment.
  • Processing of shipments meant for sea diverted to air and vice versa.
  • Process involving dangerous and hazardous goods in ISO tanks.

Consumer and Retails

With the increase in market standards, the demand for goods has gone up. The consumer & retail industry are facing problems due to competition in market & the economy becoming weaker. The consumer looks for variety of goods in the market & globally.[spacer height=”20px”]



In today’s world, Fashion industry is on high demand with so many new designers coming up with innovative ideas. These designers need branding to be done in a personalized way and different from other to stand out in the industry. For this they need to satisfy the customer on time by fulfilling their order.

Some of the major requirements of Industry are:

  • Minimal logistics cost
  • Adaptation as per consumer demand
  • Management of product promotion and launches
  • Order fulfillment
  • Sustainability and security of supply chains

Key services:

  • Vendor management and buyers consolidation
  • Garments on Hanger (GOH)
  • Special Handling at Source (SHAS)
  • Direct to store
  • Deconsolidation
  • Customs and duty management


TK offers absolute logistics solutions to hi-tech industry as they require fast and reliable logistics chains that link the industry’s key production sites with distribution channels throughout the world.
Whether you are in Consumer Electronics, Computer & Office Equipment, Electronic Components & Semiconductors, Contract Manufacturing, Telecommunication Network Products or any other hi-tech product. Our team will work with you to provide an integrated solution to meet your specific needs.

Our range of services include:

  • Inbound logistics
  • Warehousing services
  • Value added services
  • Repacking, co-packing
  • After sales logistics: returns management, screening, replacement orders, repairs, refurbishment
  • Outbound logistics

Hotel Logistics

With the change in the lifestyle of people & tourist coming in , the hospitality industry plays an important role. To provide them with the best of service on time is a challenge.
Its our aim to provide the most excellent logistics solutions. We have the most professionals & knowledgeable staff. We ensure that our client make the right choice in choosing logistic partners and we in turn delivery excellent customer service.[spacer height=”20px”]

Industrial and Engineering

TK offers supply chain optimisation and execution solutions with Transport Logistics, Projects and Warehousing & Distribution to industrial companies.

TK is well equipped to handle the following sectors.

  • Energy and Power
  • Mining & Construction
  • Automation
  • General Industrial Goods
  • Rail vehicles and Transportation
  • Medical Equipments
  • Paper and fiber
  • Fire and Building Security

Marine Logistics

Our collective experience of more than 100 years in active ship spares handling gives us real insight into the maritime industry.
With a Global Network provides us flexibility to enable us to offer ship spares handling to and from maritime hot spots across the globe, we ensure timely and efficient ship spare parts management[spacer height=”20px”]

Oil and Gas

We have a global network which caters to all your needs and make sure we provide you a reasonable cost and good customer service.

We provide all modes of conveyance and services, including :

  • Seafreight – containers & general cargo
  • Airfreight – regular consolidations, secured allocations on major carriers
  • Road & Rail – focus on network services, less-than-truckload (LTL) & full-truckload (FTL)
  • Projects – heavy and oversized cargo, special charter operations
  • Warehousing – hub management, dedicated facilities

Oil & gas is available worldwide but it has been drilled. The challenge is to find and produce oil in tough environment & location. For this we need to use intelligent solutions new technologies, and optimal production methods, from the reservoir to the refinery.

Services include all logistics within the value chain

  • Air, ocean and overland freight capacity management with a special focus on all typical oil & gas trade lanes.
  • Dedicated air and ocean charters.

Pharma and Healthcare

When it comes to Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare shipments We take efforts to understand your requirements and to offer you customized solutions. We provide Export, Import and National logistics services which are specially geared to meet the needs of the Pharma and Healthcare industry.
With Worldwide associates in 160 countries covering 500 locations and PAN India branch network, we ensure that our customers get excellent coverage of their entire supply chain. Knowing the intricacies of handling pharmaceutical shipments, we ensure that your shipments will reach your customers on time every time.

Key Services

  • Timely ADC clearance
  • Prompt Custom clearance
  • Service by Air or Sea
  • Guidance on selection of right carrier
  • Qualified team handling Dangerous / Hazardous Pharma products
  • Timely shipment status information
  • Strong operational processes and systems


With the growing importance of Telecom industry use Mobile phones with 3G services and Now 4G coming up. The need is to stay connected with everyone anywhere at anytime is become the need of the hour. With video conference and other social network on very high demand the requirement is to invest more in wireless Telecom Infrastructure.
Considering the fact that this industry is growing at a faster pace with the telecom products being used, the supply of these products are high and needs to be provided to the consumer & distributors on time. We at TK are focusing on secured supply chain from which mobile phone manufacturers and distributors, in particular, will benefit.