Project / Heavy lift forwarding

Project Cargo

Project Cargo is a specialised field of freight forwarding and shipping business. It requires immense expertise, experience and knowledge.

We at TKPL are fully geared to handle all types of heavy lift and over-dimensions. Irrespective of port of origin and final destination, our mission is to find an efficient solution.

Our international network of partners share the same passion and expertise to provide the high standard of service and competitiveness. Thus we can undertake projects involving relocation of entire plants along with machinery and equipment at the supplier’s site and forwarding the same to India as break-bulk cargo.

With our vast experience in the shipping and clearing field, we can provide specialised shipping service to expedite international movements of Heavy Lift / Over-dimensional and Project cargo.

Specialised Project Cargo Services for heavy lift and over-dimensional cargo including relocation of entire plant.
  • Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates
  • Textiles and Fabrics
  • Computers, Peripherals and Electronic Components
  • Bullion, Foreign Currency and Valuables
  • Automobiles and Ancillaries
  • Project equipment, Machines, Spares and Exhibits
  • Perishables, Newspaper and Magazines
  • Dangerous Goods (DGR)